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2021/05/08 10:49:52
シェフ・調理師 , 飲食店スタッフ
Sakagura Midtown
Murray Hill , 211 E 43rd St between 2nd and 3rd Av
Grand Central - 42nd St (4,5,6) Manhattan

Sakagura, an authentic Japanese izakaya-style restaurant near Grand Central in Midtown Manhattan established in 1996 is hiring a Kitchen Helper / Line Cook / Dishwasher combined position.

Chef Helper + Dishwasher COMBINED POSITION
(Full-time, minimum 4 days/week)


> [Necessary / hard requirements]
-Must have up-to-date legal status to work in the United States (i.e. SSN required)
-Must have intermediate/conversational English ability to be able to communicate with fellow kitchen staff, managers, and front service teammates
-Must be able to read, understand, match, and confirm invoices written in English with the items delivered from our Japanese vendors
-Must have restaurant cooking and knife experience, especially handling fish used in "Japanese cuisine" and specific skills such as cleaning, descaling, gutting fish and making sashimi/sushi
-Must have knowledge of "Japanese cuisine" and "Japanese ingredients"
-Must be clean, tidy, and organized when preparing food and cooking on the line at any station
-Must accept FLEXIBILITY in job description with proper discussion and negotiation with kitchen supervisor and general managers

> [Preferred / not required]
-Experience with good presentation, plating, and decoration a plus
-Non-Japanese culinary experience from other cuisines also a plus
-NYC Food Protection certification

> [Scheduling + Compensation]
-Minimum $1000/week pre-tax starting salary after training and initial assessment period (compensation will be adjusted +/- accordingly depending on experience and skill - we are also open to negotiation after the training & evaluation period)
-Must be available to work at least 4 days/week and maintain a flexible schedule as we adjust our business hours according to COVID regulation changes

Please note that we will be conducting all interviews in English to test communication ability


連絡先 (E-mail) management@sakagura.com

Address: 211 EAST 43rd ST. B1 NYC NY 10017

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