2-3 day delivery shipping services

2021/04/06 17:26:27

ZT shipping Inc (shipzt.com) is providing 2-3 day delivery shipping services, to increase your online sales, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce shipping cost.

Service features:
- 2-3 day delivery service to 95% of the US makes your online order customers happy.
- 2-3 day delivery service to 95% of the US allows you to only need one warehouse, not many, to ensure prompt package deliveries.
- 1 price, no additional fees. No Fuel, no residential fee, nothing extra. EVER..
- Reduce your cost of shipping while shipping faster.
- There is no shipping limit.
- The transportation process uses environmentally friendly transportation routes, contributes to the environmental protection of the earth, and does not increase carbon emissions.
- Customer service staff is online at any time to solve problems.
- Each package includes $100 insurance.
- Customer service staff actively contacts clients every week to ensure satisfaction.

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